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Guitar, Vocals, Musical Director

After 17 years as a musical director for the "Australian Pink Floyd Show" Damian severed ties to begin a new band, Brit Floyd. 
Envisioning an even deeper exploration of the Pink Floyd concert experience through intense devotion to legacy and fierce commitment to touring, Darlington has fronted more than 2,500 live performances over the past 28 years between the two touring incarnations.

Damian is a passionate acoustic guitar player, and his main influences, aside from David Gilmour, are John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Pat Metheny and Mike Oldfield  

Fun fact: Damian performed with Richard Wright at David Gilmour's 50 years birthday party,.   

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Fender Electric Guitars
Cole Clark Acoustics
Fractal Audio System Axe FX 3 
Roland Digital effects Processors
Heil Talkbox
DPA Microphones

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